Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This year is going to be filled with the word "last". Last academic year, last Rugby season, last class, last exam... What I'm trying to understand right now is how this will possibly not equate to the last time I'm ever going to be happy.

There's a lot of things I have to figure out amongst a sea of "lasts" that will mean a great deal about my future. That's the reason I created this blog, there's got to be people out there like myself; students struggling to come to grips with their future - looking desperately for answers. Or not even looking, but hiding. Hiding in University towns and cities all over this country because of the decisions the present will hold for the future.

This blog will pose as my stream of consciousness related to these decisions. Somewhere that students can come to relate to the anxiety, yes anxiety, that is associated graduation University. For at least the last 16 years of our lives we've been involved in the education system. Now it could be time to get out, and that scares the shit out of us.

Join me throughout this last academic year in my online journal, also called a blog. I want this to be somewhere you can relate to what I'm posting. And hey, if you've already got everything figured out then you can use this blog as a resource for a digital ego-boost, doesn't matter to me.

I've started this thing out on a solemn note, but that's far from my goal. If you'll kindly notice the name of my blog "My real world ascent" it implies an uphill journey - because that's what I believe is truly going to happen.

Amongst a world of "lasts", this blog is writing the tale of a young man who has always been concerned with the most important last of them all...the last laugh.