Saturday, 12 May 2012

The next book

A lot of people talk about “the next chapter” in their life. Using this writing analogy seems to be fitting enough. After all, if the main character of a book were to move to another country, to start another job, to live a different life, would that not require a new chapter? If not, a new book.

Changes are coming my way. I’m moving to Amsterdam for a year to work for ING Bank as an Online Reporter/Copywriter. My real world ascent has reached its peak and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. In this circumstance, I’m using “stoked” to mean “terrified but excited”, more accurately, anxious.

Living in a different culture is an exciting concept to me. There’s got to be a wealth of knowledge that comes with complete immersion in a different country. I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much information, and in that way I like to view this opportunity as an extension of my schooling. I won’t want to skip lectures like “touring down city canals 213” or “smoking at coffee shops 101” or even “riding your bicycle to work 333”.

What I’m going to miss in Canada is anything career based. My radio show, my writing, the act of applying to exciting jobs and the idea of moving to Toronto. I’ll miss my friends’ (parents) cottages, I’ll miss getting together with friends to go out, or stay in. I'll miss the fam. But I’m OK with that. I’m lucky to have established the kind of base I have in Ontario and I’ll be excited to come back.

For now though, I’m excited to leave. I want to be on my own. Being independent has always been something I’ve identified with and the act of going to a different country and singing a yearlong contract is the ultimate extension of that.

I’ve used this blog as a stream of consciousness related to my decisions about the next step after University (all three posts of it, oops). I guess I’m hoping that my path will help other people decide what they want to do.

My only advice is to get involved. Figure out what you like and follow it. Go out there and make decisions, join clubs. If it doesn’t work out, good thing you’re young. TRY AGAIN. Make connections, make small talk, shake people’s hands, set friends up with connections. Help others; not because you think that it will come back around, but because you want to. Listen to music. Do things that make you happy.

Find something that you’re not afraid to work really hard at.

Thanks for reading, this is the end of this blog. I’ll be blogging about my European experience on another blog which I am yet to set up. It might be a Video Blog (us in the biz use the term vlog) (always wanted to say "us in the biz use..."), or a Podcast narrated by yours truly. I'll send the link out on my social media channels.


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  1. You're doing big things, Mackenzie. Remember me when you're sippin' Patron atop a skyscraper